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Norscand - Geofiction world visualization

"Geofiction - Worldbuilding is the process of constructing an imaginary world"

Some of you are aware of Norscand Guy's amazing imaginary world of Norscand. He has created a collection of maps for his fictional island, which are the most detailed and amazing I have seen. What he has achieved with Norscand is truely mind blowing with population density figures, railmaps, mileage charts, autoroute atlas and detailed city plans. At times you have to remind yourself that you're not looking at a real place, it is all made up!

I contacted him with an idea. I was so inspired by his work I wanted to see it as more than just 2D maps, so I suggested I produce sketches, perspectives and conceptual visuals for Norscand.

This thread will focus on my drawings of his world, a true collaboration. I am beginning in Gramen, the capital of Norscand and the islands largest city. Check out the Gramen map here. I am in regular contact with Norscand guy and he is advising me on details, key landmarks and other parts, so the finished drawings are hopefully bringing his imagined world into reality.

I'll post regular updates once I've run them by him. Some drawings are work in progress, but hopefully they will help to give you a feel for the world he has created.

Comments welcome



- Capital city with a metropolitan population of 4,780.000. the main downtown is built on a peninsula plateau with the historical Frentroit on a high rocky ridge to the northeast. Here's a taster.

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