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Originally Posted by Phxguy View Post

Like the Stewart, this project now has a FB page. It's also been named Union Tempe Apartments.
Nice. I saw signs for "Union" at the 7th/Forest building across the street and was confused. Makes much more sense that they're for this project.

The FB page links to a leasing website:, which has a webcam:

From the webcam, it looks like the north tower is topped out--I believe that one was always supposed to be 12 stories. Middle tower is at about 16 out of 20 stories.

They are starting to build out the podium to the University frontage. From the renderings looks like the plan is to build out the podium in this phase, but not the initially proposed 16-story hotel. Hopefully the hotel can be built at some point--project would look lopsided without the third tower.
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