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My favorite NYC beach is Fort Tilden. It's surrounded by a former U.S. Army base, and it's now part of the National Parks service. That means almost no chance of being ruined by development. It's also a pain in the ass to get to from Manhattan, so that keeps most of the less sophisticated tourists away.

^From Reddit:

^From here: https://germanamericanabroad.wordpre...t-fort-tilden/

Here's a NY Times slide show from the summer before Sandy:

The beach was closed for a couple of years after Sandy in order to recover. The storm wiped out the characteristic sand dunes that served as a barrier between the beach and the deactivated base. I've been a few times this summer and this is the closest it has looked to pre-Sandy so far.

You can also easily see the Manhattan skyline from various points on the Rockaway peninsula. The views are especially good from the Marine Parkway Bridge between the Rockaway peninsula and Brooklyn.
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