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Originally Posted by BVictor1 View Post

The tower, which will rise at 375 E. Wacker Dr., has two intersecting components programmed to house a five-star hotel with 224 suites, as many as 671 condominiums and six stories of underground parking.

The sale of condominiums, priced from $500,000 to about $3 million, will start in August. By mid-2008, construction will get under way. .
Mandarin, Shangri la, Trump, fill in any other new ones _________, and this one. That is a lot of 5 star hotels to absorb at one time. I plan to say in the first two a couple of times, Trump never.

Obviously the market says they are needed otherwise they would not be being built.

Any guess on which hotelier is moving in? This is not a tease, for I do not know myself, but does anyone have a good guess out there?