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This has generated at least one unhappy Ancasterite. Though I've seen other letters from this guy in the Spec, with similarly angled sharp critique. I'll give him credit for being consistent but that's about it... some of the arguments are worth discussion, right up until his opinions go off the rails as they draw to a close.

From May 7 Hamilton Spectator letters to the editor:
Development too big and bulky

RE: Development

The proposed development at the corner of Wilson and Academy is too big and bulky for that extremely significant historic area. Wilson Street East has many buildings that date back to the early 1700s. The Barracks Inn dates back to 1800 and is said to have housed soldiers during the War of 1812. This location is also alarmingly close to both the Dundas Valley and the Tiffany Falls conservation areas. The proposed 5.5-storey condo would change the neighbourhood dramatically. It would also open the door for future developments of that size and larger. Our city planners should learn from other municipalities where giant highrise condos have turned quaint, historic neighbourhoods into slums.

Slightly different version submitted to the Ancaster News, May 3 edition (just the most different part quoted below)
...Our city planners should learn from other municipalities, where giant highrise condos have turned quaint, historic neighbourhoods into ghettos. We need to remember that higher density also brings a higher crime rate which will lower property values and change communities forever.
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