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There is more to come, there are so many clusters growing so fast in london its crazy.
Also, when im finnished with the current clusters i will do the lists of all the new (mini clusters), which i will add. Then there are the clusters being formed by singlular (mega development), with 30-40+ towers under construction at same time in one development, like greenwich and wembley, which i will also add.

The towers in these mega development being built in one go by one developer, have too many towers to name them all, so they just have numbers as their names usually e.g (plot 126/ plos 0.783 etc etc, but i will still list these clusters and the towers under construction in them.
Then there is the large number of singular tower projects rising all over london that i will list as a seperate category (singular towers) which i will add, i will also list as seperate categories for the others, like (mini clusters) when i finally get to add them, and also the (mega development clusters), and (singular towers etc) when i add them. And of course the usual 'normal' (clusters) that ive listed so far but have still not finnished yet.
Lots to add, its actually hard and a bit boring work but my ocd will see me finish the job. Then i will move onto other eu capitols (which will be a much quicker job for me, and im very happy for that small mercy).

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