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Originally Posted by ConstructDTLA View Post
As for street level & retail, I'm not sure when you were last here but (flame-suit-on) its gotten worse. Retail doesnt stand a chance in Historic until the city addresses the homeless epidemic on Main, Spring, and Broadway. For example, Acne & Urban Outfitters are currently in a reverse-race to see who can stay open the longest (my sources say neither will last the year).
Your posts often give a lift to this thread, but this one, due to no fault of your own, does just the opposite. Most of the bldgs you've caught on film still look quite rundown, the pathetic swapmeets still appear to be hanging on, while the reverse appears to be true of the few nicer newer stores on broadway. The possibility that those stores are facing the same fate as that of the figaro restaurant is both extremely disappointing but not totally unexpected.

I wonder if the reasons behind such ongoing failure is as bothersome to ppl like huizar as is their unhappiness when new apt projs aren't taller or better designed? While the two issues are separate....& one doesn't have to preclude the other.....the impression that's created when far less serious problems are being bandied about & inspiring lots of complaints is that dtla is in much better shape than it actually is.

I wonder if the city planner who's unhappy that the proposed hellens apt tower on broadway is too modern....& apparently put a kibosh on as bothered that dt....esp east of Hill st....still doesn't have enough customers wandering around who have plenty of cash & lots of credit cards in their purses or wallets?
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