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hammergirl, I would expect B&BW will become as ubiquitous in Canada as it has in the U.S. Limited Brands is a huge company, with lots of leasing clout and a whole bunch of retail brands it wants to roll out in Canada.

I'm not sure I'd be anxious to brand all malls as "lame"--I'm not much of a shopper myself--but I know the well-managed, up-to-date malls are strong employment zones and tax generators. So, while they may not be to one's individual taste--their success is an indicator of economic vitality--and this expansion project is creating thousands of labor hours in the construction trades.

I find the picking-and-choosing a bit strange--we mourn the loss of the Centre and MPM because of their "community" orientation and wonder where the seniors will gather after they close--yet the malls that are healthy, and thriving, and expanding are branded as lame. Should we bulldoze Mapleview and replace it with a few big box stores?

On an unrelated note--since someone mentioned Longo's--anyone see growth opportunities in the Hamilton area? The Barn name will finally bow (not that it's been anywhere near it's old farm market roots in a long time)--and these 'fresh' regional chains such as Remark Farms, Longo's and Farm Boy seem to be thriving in other cities. I know the presence of the Farmer's Market in Hamilton is huge--just seems to me someone could slip into the niche that the Barn left behind years ago.
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