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Originally Posted by Sun Belt View Post
Yup. I completely fabricated it. No wait, I colluded and conspired with your bible: The US Census Bureau to just make stuff up to present on an Internet forum to confuse Crawford. That's it.
Absurd response. Do you refuse to read what you post, or are you knowingly lying? It's one or the other.

I already corrected your ridiculous claims. You mischaracterized the Census data, which are to figure Sec 8 housing subsidies, and which have nothing to do with actual Census poverty rates.

In short, you claimed the richest states were the poorest states, and the poorest states were the richest states, because the former get the biggest Sec 8 subsidies, and the latter get the smallest (because federal Sec 8 subsidies are based on market rents). If you're aren't just lying, that's an incredibly dumb conclusion, easily corrected by just reading what you're posting.
Originally Posted by Sun Belt View Post
You can't compare levels of poverty between region to region, state to state, city to city without factoring in Cost of Living.
Um, yes you can, and that's exactly what the Census does. And the link you posted equalizes cost of living. That's exactly the point. A renter in SF under Sec 8 subsidies doesn't pay a penny more than a renter in rural MS. The relative subsidy is based on the relative difference in market rents.
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