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Originally Posted by halifaxboyns View Post
Yes; he's our General Manager. I think he's a great speaker - he learned from some of the best (like Paul Bedford). He talks about the US because much of his career was actually spent in Saint Louis and in a suburb of Washington. He worked in Toronto for a while as well, but then went south.

You would be amazed at how the taxation stuff he's talking about is actually picking up steam here in Alberta in the charter discussions. Particularly the six storey wood frame construction - which will be a big help along our corridors. He is a remarkable change from our previous GM; who wasn't very personable and felt he was the figurehead. Rollin is all about getting out and talking.
I believe he worked in Toronto for 21 years.
The taxation comments are not knew to me but we must remember that municipal taxation, and governance, is completely different south of the border. In smaller jurisdictions people can attend council meetings and engage in discussion of issues. In addition their accounting practices leave a lot to be desired.
I'm not sure about a 'Benefiits Tax' he talked about; generally that is captured in Canada through the higher value/purchase price of a condo overlooking a park such as Public Gardens. I doubt the condos at the back of the Trillium have the same cachet or price as those fronting on South Park. There are 10 unsold units in The Trillium, my guess they are the ones facing Brenton and within a few years they will be facing a new high rise which will front on Brenton.
He's animated. confident, knows the material and never dull. A week of him would be good for HRM. He asked if anyone from the province was in the room - one man leaning against a pillar timidly raised his hand. Sums up Nova Scotia.
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