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Originally Posted by halifaxboyns View Post
How did this year's VIVA city go? I tried to follow on twitter.
Is he your boss ?
Less than 200 people maybe 170 at the top end.
Interesting and to the point, and he believes in preserving and restoring heritage buildings. I found his USA examples an interesting description of how Americans tackle urban renewal
Talked too much about how US municipalities can add extra taxes on developments to fund infrastructure; and how New York taxes condos facing a park at a higher rate than those without the view. I don't know enough about municipal taxation across the border other than many have a sales tax.
He's polished an easy to listen to; stays away from the podium and walks amongst the crowd.
The Metro today claims HRM is on track for a $13,000,000 deficit due to plummeting construction permits and sluggish property sales.
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