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I can only speak of Norwegians but 150-80 years ago the Upper Plains and Brooklyn were the primary destinations as they went primarily into farming or didn't get far from the harbor in New York for those that weren't too keen to maintain a rural lifestyle in the new world. Even in modern Norwegian we call Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and the Dakotas "The Norwegian States".

80-25 years ago the Puget Sound area along with Alaska were more recent destinations for those getting into fishing and forestry. The fishing industry in Seattle (which fishes in Alaska heavily) is largely Norwegian and the 17th of May parade in the Ballard neighborhood is, I believe, the largest outside Norway.

The past 25 years Houston, Texas has been the primary destination with over 5.000 Norwegians living there. Mostly they are there for energy related work and don't settle down. They are very well paid emigrant group.

Increasingly large number of Norwegians are buying condos and houses in Florida as an alternative to Spain. Most of these are seasonal residents.
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