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I think the biggest issue with the OMSI site is the auto access, hopefully it could be something that can be overcome. Parking I don't think is too big of an issue, there is a lot of available land over there, but getting the autos to the stadium could present some challenges.

I haven't gotten this idea in front of any policy makers. I've been thinking about the OMSI site for a couple of months, but I didn't get around to sketching it out until last night (since it looks like the MC is headed for the wrecking ball). Since the feedback on this was pretty positive, I quickly drew up the site plan and made a quick website to post those on.

I definitely wouldn't mind if this spread to those who can at least get it into consideration. Feel free to spread the link to this thread, or to the site I created. If anyone else is interested in the idea, feel free to email the information to any of the local architecture bloggers, city commissioners, etc...
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