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It's amazing that such a massive project as Township 9 / Capitol Station 65 / North Town can proceed without any public documentation. I don't mean to sound like a NIMBY, but they could be building smurf village out there for all we know. The only imagery published was shown in that special section in Comstock's Biz Mag a several months ago. And even then - the majority of the renderings were shown in advertisements for contractors and developers. Here is the latest news found in a seemingly unrelated article in the Sac Biz Journal...

Habitat for Humanity finds a new home at Depot Park, for now
The nonprofit can afford the rent thanks to ReStore, which raked in $700K last year
Sacramento Business Journal - February 23, 2007
by Kelly Johnson, Staff Writer

After five years in the Richards Boulevard area, Sacramento Habitat for Humanity and its ReStore are moving to new digs.

The nonprofit is leaving its North 7th Street home, which will be demolished as part of a 65-acre development of homes, office, retail and open space. There it paid $3,000 a month, including utilities, for 45,000 square feet. Its landlord saved it an estimated half-million dollars in rent.
Map of recent Sacramento developments
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