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Originally Posted by Atlas
But since they said Burj Dubai, I don't know how they see a resemblance.
I guess based on the layout...

Very similar, though I don't see why they couldn't be more original.

So is the 1,888-foot height non-negotiable?

We think that will ultimately be found to not be a hazard and that's where we wanted to be. The reason is that makes it the tallest building in the U.S. The next-tallest building is the Freedom Tower in New York, which was World Trade (Center), which is 1,776 (feet). They're locked into that number for obvious reasons. You don't build a building this tall and make it a little shorter than the one they just built. That's not a good approach to marketing, if you will.
Also, if they wanted to top Freedom Tower, why not just make it an even 2,000 ft? Though I think this tower has little chance of getting built, its not a surprising proposal. I've always thought of Dubai as an oversized Vegas, so its fitting Vegas tries on Dubai for once.
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