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1. I need more renders to make a judgement but on the whole it doesn't look too exciting.

2. Quote from the first article- "Some are even more vehement. "We've filed a complaint with the county on this project," said Bruce Hiatt, owner of Luxury Realty Group, which specializes in high-rise real estate. "It's completely out of character with the neighborhood, and it has an immediate impact on neighboring projects such as Sky Las Vegas, Turnberry Place, and Fontainebleau." Are you fuckin kidding me. Out of character, its the vegas strip. thats one of the only places on earth where that argument holds no water.

3. Isn't about time they realized that maybe McCarren has outlived its usefulness in its current position. They should relocate to a larger area farther away from the strip. What, they don't have the money? Can you imagine the paycheck the city will receive if they sell that huge swath of ultra prime real estate that is right on the strip and the literally the size of an airport. make financial sense to me. and would encourage more growth in Las Vegas
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