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Can Niagara Falls Pull Off A Vegas?

I brought this up on this site before hidden in a discussion.

I've been to Niagara Falls maybe twice, and that was enough for me.
I've been to Vegas only once, and I just know that I would never tire of visiting that place.

First of all, and with regard to the Falls, once you see them, do the boat tour and maybe visit the wax museum, all you're left with is a multitude of tacky souvenir shops doling out campy coffee mugs and T- shirt carried over from the 70's. While both sides aren't exactly boom towns., The American side seems even more economically depressed. Vegas however , did it right.It was real eye opening when I visited. It's not just the gambling either..It's the shows, and the general vibe and energy of the city..It attracts "A" listers in the full spectrum of the entertainment industry..Although both tourist spots have different MO's, I can't help feel that Niagara Falls is like a cheap, stale version of a Vegas. It's almost like Niagara Falls was there first, and Las Vegas said "okay we see what you are trying to do, but we'll raise you.(pardon the pun) and do it up right". We'll even do up elaborate lobbies, and not limit your stay to tired old Motels.

I know it's far fetched, but I can only imagine a Lundy's Lane becoming like a strip..Heck, it already has the Falls as a backdrop and is a tourist destination to begin with.Maybe the Canadian side can be left as is, and the American side do a big push to up the game and take care of the Casinos and shows, and keep the Canadian side status quo and remain family friendly and for newlyweds..I know that the province and/or State would have to make a special exemption to administer more gambling licenses and maybe keep the bars open all night, but it is doeable I feel. It just would require some political will and some major entrepreneurship, and partnership from the big players in the entertainment industry..You build one, and the rest will follow like a snowball effect...As it stands now, the whole region feels like a "must see only once" kind of place, with nothing to draw you back. In my sim city world, I would bulldoze all of Lundy's lane and re-do it save for both the wax and Guinness Book of World Records museums, along with that old burger joint with flying saucer which would all be left up for posterity.

So what are your thoughts?..Can it be done, or is the climate just too cold for this kind of vision?.How about on a seasonal basis?. Am I crazy for even thinking this ?

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