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Originally Posted by Baronvonellis View Post
I don't like it, it looks like a giant brutalist tall bunker with some random windows stuck on and stones stuck on the outside like those 60's apartments buildings. I like all the Diller Scofidio + Renfro and Gang designs alot better! Also are those random letters on the top, or are they supposed to say something?
TO each their own, I guess. I think the DS+R one is trying too hard to look like a drunken student's stack of textbooks, and the glass/steel cladding is just kinda chintzy.

The renderings we've seen for the Obama Center are all supposed to be warm and fuzzy watercolors, but check out TWBTA's Barnes Foundation in Philly if you wanna see what the actual cladding will look like. I'd hate for you to picture an Edgewater 4+1 with lava rock, lol. There's an article where they talk about how they evaluated stone from around the world to find one with the right warmth and durability, eventually using a limestone from Israel. All the other building materials at the Barnes are carefully chosen to create a powerful effect, from the hand-rubbed bronze window frames to the plaster on the ceilings.
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