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Originally Posted by peanut gallery View Post
Is that skinny yellow box at the very top of the Brisbane plan a train station? If so, it's a shame it's not more centrally located in the development. Better than no station at all I guess, but odd.
The station location might be older than the town of Brisbane which is near to the stop. This open land used to be the dump I believe (by the way which map are you referring to-I don't see transit at all on what was posted)

They are moving the station at Hillsdale in San Mateo to better match development so it is possible

Its tough in the Bay Area with everything so fragmented but in a perfect world I don't see why this station couldn't move???

If Caltrain become what it could be (something akin to Bart) and we had more comprehensive planning we could plan pretty intensive development around these stations. Caltrain's corridor is a great asset that we are greatly under utilizing.

With regard to the light rail being extended that seems to me to be another waste. People in Bay View and Viz Valley aren't working these jobs. Most people live on the Peninsula, come from the East Bay or live in the trendy parts of SF. If you lived near downtown would you ride the T for an hour to get to a Biotech job in Brisbane? The whole T thing sucks and is a huge waste of resources
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