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Here is a breakdown of projects in the Baton Rouge region.
(please bear with me, as all images are recoded, thx for nothing....imagecave...*&$#!)

First listed are projects in the Downtown (CBD) District.



PROPOSED Projects in Planning or Under Construction
indicating date of completion and estimate of costs....

Iberville Building
Completion 2006 30.0 Million

Bienville Building
Completion 2006 30.0 Million

Shaw Center-LSU Museum
and Performing Arts Center
Phase One 2005/Phase Two 2007 70.0 Million

Third Street Garage
Completion 2005 7.6 Million

State Museum
Completion 2005 13.5 Million

State Visitors Center
Completion 2005 2.7 Million

RiverPlace Condominiums
Commence Construction 2005 50.0 Million

St. James Episcopal Expansion
Completion 2005 8.0 Million

City Plaza Expansion
Planning Phase 34.0 Million

DeSoto Park
Planning Phase 11.0 Million

Levee Bike Path
Completion 2005 2.0 Million

Gordon’s Jewelers Building
Planning 2005 Budget N/A

Hilton Capitol Center
Completion 2006 50.0 Million

Jumonville Building
Planning Phase Budget N/A

334 Third Street Renovation
Completion 2005 Budget N/A

200 Government Street Renovation
Completion 2005 Budget N/A

Louisiana Theater Building
Commence Construction 2005 Budget N/A

19th Judicial Courthouse Planning Phase 48.0 Million

River Center Area Garage Planning Phase 13.0 Million

LACAP Building Planning Phase 11.0 Million

Downtown Visitors’ Amenity Plan
Design Phase 3.0 Million

Private Sector Initiatives 5.0 Million

SUB-TOTAL 388.0 Million

Downtown is also being considered for the location of the City’s new library and hub for CATS Bus Rapid Transit 50.0 Million


Baton Rouge River Center Expansion 30.0 Million

YMCA Expansion .5 Million

Richoux’s Building Renovations 1.0 Million

KEANS the Cleaners Budget N/A

SOGO Live Budget N/A

Piccadilly Building Budget N/A

Jackson Building Budget N/A

LASM Planetarium & Space Theatre 18.0 Million

Beauregard Gallery Budget N/A

LotteryCorporation Building 6.0 Million

St. Joseph Street-Cossas Antiquas
Residential Renovations Budget N/A

Golden Dome Budget N/A

Casino Rouge Capitol Bistro/Pavilion 4.4 Million

Remson & Haley Architects Budget N/A

E. Eric Guirard Building Budget N/A

Fuqua Building 1.0 Million

Baton Rouge Bar Association Budget N/A

Avoyelles Café Commercial Renovation Budget N/A

George Jenne Custom Builders
Residential Renovations Budget N/A

631 Main Street Building Budget N/A

Varsity Shop Budget N/A

Baton Rouge Sheraton Convention Hotel 20.0 Million

Baton Rouge Landing-The City Dock 1.6 Million
The dock is utilized monthly by the following riverboat vessels:
The American Queen
The Delta Queen
The Mississippi Queen

Riverfront Development Plan Phase One 3.2 Million

Federal Court House 20.0 Million

Postal Encoding Center 1.5 Million


LaSalle Building 32.0 Million

LaSalle Garage 14.7 Million

First Circuit Court of Appeals 6.5 Million

House Committee Room
Addition Data Processing Center 9.5 Million

Central Plant 8.2 Million

State Library Renovation and Expansion 6.4 Million

Claiborne Building 60.0 Million

Galvez Garage 15.0 Million

Livingston Building 16.0 Million

Galvez Building 38.0 Million

Poydras Building 12.0 Million

City Club Renovation .75 Million

Old State Capitol Renovation
Center for Political and Governmental History 12.5 Million

City Court House 12.0 Million

Catfish Town Redevelopment 100.0 Million

Louisiana Casino Cruises, Inc. 70.0 Million

City Parish Credit Union .8 Million

USS KIDD Museum 12.5 Million

Old Governor’s Mansion 3.5 Million

First United Methodist addition & renovation 3.5 Million

First Baptist renovation 1.0 Million

St. Joseph’s Cathedral renovation 1.0 Million

First Presbyterian Dunham Chapel .75 Million

First Presbyterian Church Renovation 1.5 Million

First Presbyterian expansion 1.1 Million

Residential Development: 10.5 Million

River Palms (Renovation)
New Richmond Place Apartments (Renovation)
Capitol View Apartments (Renovation)
Catholic–Presbyterian Apartments Renovation
Lake Shore Place

Private Development Projects investment figures unavailable:

Belisle Building (Renovation)
Roumain Building (Renovation)
State National Life Building (Renovation)
Lyceum Dean (Renovation)
Dean Plaza (Renovation)
525 Florida Street (Renovation)
Doiron Building (Renovation)
St. Charles House Renovation
Petroleum Inc. Renovation
Pal Productions Renovation
Louisiana Home Builders Assoc. Renovation
Ryder Building Renovation
Baton Rouge Area Foundation Renovation
Fonville Building Renovation
Tabby’-State National Life Building


TOTAL PROJECTS 995.7 Million

Iberville Building

Bienville Building

La Salle Building

Galvez Building

Poydras Building

RiverPlace Condomimiums

Hilton Capitol Center

Louisiana Theatre


Third Street Garage/Retail


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