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Originally Posted by eschaton View Post
Poor people still have more kids than everyone else. IIRC only the bottom 25% and the top 1% in the U.S. actually are reproducing at above the replacement rate. But they don't have "a lot" of kids any longer.

Looking at the most recent census data, here are the average number of children per family household with kids under 18 by education level:

Less than HS: 2.23
HS Grad: 1.96
Some college: 1.92
Bachelors or higher: 1.86

Further, the average number of children per family for TANF recipients - though it varies from year to year - is typically less than 2. For example, this study from 2012 found an average of 1.8 per household.
I wonder what fraction of people who drop out of high school due so because of kids...
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