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Originally Posted by Vellu View Post
Your plans sound quite interesting; old roman styled buildings! Wow, this city really has a history!

That skyline looks great!

Thanks very much

Here are a few pictures of the new buildings!

My two thousand foot tall gothic futurism tower!

My attempt at making a duplicate of the Empire state building!
I like how it turned out!

My Rockefeller center is back!
I know some have said it's too small, but this city has such huge buildings that I decided that it should be smaller then the real one.

Thats all for now, I'll be doing more on the city in June!
I'm planning an the city being on an island!
The river was straightened by the roman settlers!
Right across the river from the park is where the old roman city will be!
As the city is in the south Atlantic near Brazil, the civilization did not fall with the rest of the empire, so this city still has a roman emperor!
There will be a huge palace!
Once the central section is done, I'll do the old section!
Then I'll do the beachfront section!
Then I'll do the last high-rise sections, and then fill in the rest of the city.
It will be in a roughly 10 by 20 mile city, with the island several times bigger!
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