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Since you didn't provide much info about how your shot was taken, please excuse any points that don't apply:

1. Use a tripod, pretty much always for landscapes.
2. Focus seems way off somehow; I'm guessing perhaps the scene was too bright (shooting into the sun) for the camera to get a proper focus reading. Switch to manual focus.
2a. Find out the "optimal" aperture for your lens; usually it can range from f8 to f16 depending on the lens (usually f11 for most I think); smaller than that and you might notice a slight blurring even at a perfect focal distance.
2b. Read up a bit on hyperfocal distance, too, to try and get as much in the scene as sharp as possible. Rule of thumb is to focus about 1/3rd of the distance into the scene.
3. Shooting into the sun is going to pose significant exposure challenges. Your camera is going to try to find the most balanced exposure for the scene, so the brightness of the sun is going to tip that balance and that's why the scene comes out dark. This is where you may want to think about shooting manual mode, and adjust your exposure time to expose for the water and icebergs. You may also want to get the sun out of the frame entirely, such as behind cloud cover as Chris appears to have done.

The colour hue and speckles of light on Chris' photo appear to be more a result of some post-processing as well. Looks like he worked the contrast to maximize the effect of the sunbeams, and added a large dark vignette to focus the viewer on the centre of the image.

That's my interpretation, anyway. Would love to see what others think as well.
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