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For the Long Wong's site on 7th and Mill, a two story mixed-use building was supposed to go up, but thier submittal expired, therefore the developer must submit a new site plan review submittal, and go through the whole city process again. The Tempe Planning Staff and I do not like the two-story proposal...we wanted something taller, so we are glad that the submittal to
build a new building expired, hehehe.
I've always thought Mill should have a mostly 2 story street frontage, as that seems most compatible with the area. For as pioneering as it was, the Brickyard made an unruly dent in the Mill scene by building too much retail in a subpar streetscape and site plan.

I'm torn on how these projects should be decided, but you really have to approach theese major tenant-lacking retail/office projects with a higher degree of scrutiny than their residential counterparts. I haven't been down College Ave in a while but has the two-story retail annex to the ASU Foundation leased any of its space yet? How long was it vacant?

I'm under the impression that if ASU didn't need the space, the Brickyard would be similarly underleased as well.

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