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Drexel Highlander Rolling Out $4 Million Plus Upgrade & Name Rebranding
Candy Evans
August 3, 2016

New doors, windows, copper roof, a security system better than Fort Knox (or at least Cowboy Stadium) and miles of mortar joints going under a microscope!
It’s even getting a new name: the Park Highlander.
“We are re-branding aggressively,” says Vestal. “And this building is getting the largest overhaul of any recent condo in Dallas.”

The security and surveillance system is being upgraded to a superior Canadian product known as the Avigilon System — so good even police stations use it for protection, says Vestal. Software and cameras will control access to the building utilizing high resolution, extended recording capacity, color cameras. They are actually the same ones used for security at Cowboy Stadium.
The Drexel, like many condos, has had water intrusion issues, which is why they are restoring, updating and protecting the entire exterior of the building. All 264 sets of doors and windows (some of which flexed in high winds and were permeated by rain) are being replaced with sturdier, higher energy efficient sets. Every inch of mortar joint is going to be inspected on the brick and cast stone, repaired and then water-sealed. Balconies will be re-painted and inspected. Residents also have a one time opportunity to add vents for gas fireplaces and kitchen vents if they desire to vent the high end gas cooktops in their units.

And get ready to see a beautiful new gleam while driving down Oak Lawn: the board is replacing the original mansard roof with seamed sheets of gleaming copper!
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