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Originally Posted by mcgrath618 View Post
You all know how much I hate this building.

I will hate it even more if either of those renderings are built. Disgusting.
Disgusting? To evoke that much emotion is a bit much!
I don't think the brutalist design is meant to be "liked." Not meant to win any beauty contest. I think the brutalist design is meant to be imposing. To impressed upon those who encounter it. To give the feeling of solidity, safety, the feeling of security. This is why I think many government building are built in the brutalist style. Take the Police Roundhouse for example, it demands respect. This building is a similar example of a eastern bloc Soviet era style architecture. I can imagine a Lenin statue right now out front with the huddled masses scurrying about. I'm impressed by the image of strength it presents.

In a bad hurricane with 120 mile winds, which building would you want to be in?.....A McMansion or the International House? Would love to see the molded concrete cleaned up and a tower to compliment it's style. This would add a nice variety for the architectural visuals.
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