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Originally Posted by iheartthed View Post
This one is a stretch for me.
Outer London, even with its narrow streets and tightly packed homes, still manages to feel a bit desolate, sprawly, thinned-out, and suburban-esque. It’s like a much better designed version of SF’s Sunset District, only it stretches for miles and miles. Further, a lot of these neighborhoods are oriented around commuter rail stations (as opposed to the Tube rapid transit system). On Google Street View, you hardly see any pedestrians or moving vehicles.

Of course the neighborhoods in question are “urban” by US standards and are more impressive and “walkable” than 95% of LA. Functionally however, they’re more like a hyper-dense version of traditional inner-ring commuter rail suburbs.

LA could actually morph into a more car-oriented analog of this model as long as it continues expanding its rail system and lining its arterial corridors with mixed-use mid-rises.
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