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Not sure if I entirely trust this reference, since it's uncited, but this article claims less than 50 cents per W panel cost.

Jinko Solar to expand capacity in Malaysia
Sneha Shah wrote on 23 Mar, 2015

Jinko Solar (JKS) is one of the lowest cost producers of solar panels. The company is vertically integrated and amongst the top three shippers in the last year. Jinko Solar gave a strong set of results for 2014, performing well on all fronts. Net profit for the whole year amounted to $100 million. The company has an annual capacity of 2.5 GW for silicon ingots and wafers, 2 GW for solar cells, and 3.2 GW for solar modules, as of December 2014. Now the company is planning to establish new production facility in Malaysia starting by May 2015.

The company’s cost of production is below 50 cents per watt currently. Not only that the company is also a producer of high efficiency solar products. Jinko Solar achieved 306.9 watts as efficiency level for its Eagle+ modules, when industry average is only 255 watts for a 60-cell module. Jinko has a strong project pipeline, with projections of forming a yieldco soon. The company has established its market share not only in China, USA, Europe and Japan but also in emerging markets like Chile, India, Latin America.

Edit: $156/260W here, but the Jinko website doesn't have prices. IF the price stayed the same for the 307 W panel, then $156/307W = $0.51 per W.

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