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Originally Posted by Hed Kandi View Post
Have you failed to notice the glass doors and windows?
Uhhh, I don't think you understand the vocabulary terms you are using. The building you are complaining about having glass doors and windows is just as traditional as any Classical building built in th 1890's would be. Just having glass on a building has absolutely no effect on whether its traditional...

For example, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago:


Oh no! It has glass windows, it can't possibly be traditional! How does that make any sense at all?

Also, La Sagrada Familia is most definitely not a traditional style at all. Gaudi was and is known for being explicitly non-traditional and individual. In his time Gaudi was bending the minds of the traditional establishment and his designs continue to do so today. There was almost no precedence for his style so I don't see how something that was in no way based off of the past could be traditional.

I think the only thing that you are defining is how ornate the design is. The only thing that ties together La Sagrada Familia and the other buildings you posted is the fact that it is a very ornate and detailed design.

Now what would you say about a design like this:

or this:

Would you call these traditional?
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