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Originally Posted by dtnphx View Post
Does anyone know why the Janet Echelman sculpture is not fully lit up at night? Last Friday during art walk is was barely visable. I had a friend from out of town visiting and I had talked not stop about it for months, so she was really anxious to see it. She knows how it glows (hey, that rhymes!) because she's seen the photos I've sent, but Sh*t, we were so disapointed. The streets were teeming with people, but the park was empty, probably due to the fact that the sculpture was barely lit. It is like that all the time now?
I think its ridiculous too. What theyre doing is only lighting up about 1/8th of the lights at a time and slowly they fade from one set to another. Its way too subtle though and looks like crap. If youre looking down Taylor from the AzCenter you can barely see the piece, its frustrating.

When the lights are on full blast it looks incredible.
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