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State’s tallest observation tower advances (via exMiami)
But Mr. Berkowitz has been busy. He has already gained the necessary approvals on the height of the tower from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Zoning has also been completed for the huge project.

“We will be presenting the project to the city commission for certain remaining approvals,” Mr. Berkowitz said recently.

“We do not anticipate an issue in receiving phased permits, which will allow the foundation work to commence,” he added.

Mr. Berkowitz plans preparatory work on the site to begin in April, and is planning on a May groundbreaking.

“Interest is very high,” he said. “We view SkyRise as the prettiest girl in the dance.

“We are projecting 3.2 million visitors a year,” he said.

“It’s going to be iconic. It’s going to be the Miami Eiffel tower. We have very significant public support for it,” he said.
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