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The setup of the latest round of Agricola-area infill is really ideal. This building is close to Agricola but is not replacing older building stock around the street. It is even built around that small garage which, while it may not seem like an architectural marvel, adds some irregularity and character to the area.

One complaint I have is that the new buildings are mostly grey, with minimal detailing at street level. The renderings sometimes dress them up with murals or vibrant signs that may or may not materialize.

Not sure how much the city's planning rules match this vision but I think the best approach for Agricola is to reserve around 2/3 of the best buildings as character buildings that need to either be preserved as-is or expanded very carefully (e.g. add an extra storey in a similar style). The bottom third or so should be redeveloped into medium-scale buildings, and the sidestreets have a lot more flexibility. This would create a vibrant commercial strip along Agricola with some historic and locally-grounded character.
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