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I see. It just looked like it didn't have many in that photo that Chris posted. I thought it might have had something to do with a fire code and neighboring properties since most of these skinny towers are being sandwiched between other buildings.

Originally Posted by JManc View Post
Seriously? Is this residential or all buildings? Isn't Austin full of big towers neighboring one another with windows on all sides?
Yeah, I'm not a fan of it as it's creating some strange situations. It's a new fire code here. There are buildings from the 70s that weren't built this way, but all the new towers that abut a neighboring property don't have windows, at least not on the lower floors. The only exceptions have been towers that were built next to historic landmarks that won't ever be torn down and replaced. I think, too, that they're allowing property owners to sell their air rights to their new neighbor.

A few examples:

The Plaza - a 12-story residential building that sits on the end of its block. The east facade doesn't have a single window.!8i6656

5th & Colorado Tower - the garage levels abut the property line, so no windows. The tower section steps back away from the property line, so it does have windows.!8i6656

The Aloft & Element Hotel. This one has windows in the middle of the south facade, but only because they're setback from the facade.!3m1!1e3

One of the worst offenders, the Westin Hotel.!3m1!1e3
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