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While there are no precise estimates of how many Brazilians are living in Salt Lake City, the Utah Brazilian News and the General Consulate of Brazil in Los Angeles estimate that there are approximately 10,000 living in the State of Utah. This is in addition the the 30,000 Utahns who speak Portuguese, primarily because a large number of Utahns have lived in Brazil for Mormon missions and have learned the language and come to love the country, its culture and its food.

Salt Lake City - Brazil ties are also evident in that Brazil is home to seven Mormon temples (it is a high growth area for the Mormon Church), and in that Salt Lake City is one of only 18 American cities that is home to a Brazilian Consulate.

Salt Lake City is also home to the Utah Brazilian Festival, with an annual attendance of around 12,000.

Here is a quick shot of part of this year's events:

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