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Originally Posted by Centropolis View Post
let's be real's technically both but global corporations of which apparently some of us have worked and some have not, and actual cultural, language, and economic spheres (although less this), mexico is often seperated from north america into latin america.
Continents should be regarded as what they are from a strict geographical and scientific point of view.
They are only pieces of land separated by real wide oceans.

For instance in Europe, we know we've historically been a distinct anthropological group because of early human population movements, but we're no continent per se.
We're only a huge peninsula of Asia. Europe is defined by culture, mostly the ancient Greek and Judeo-Christian stuff, but geographically speaking, it doesn't mean a continent.

I think it's important for everybody to keep this in mind, so people don't feel stupidly, uselessly and artificially separated from others just because of ephemeral cultural or linguistic traits/aspects.

At some point, even Alaska was tied to eastern Russia by some kind of piece of ice long ago.
Otherwise, early humans (like Homo sapiens [sapiens (x2, lol)], our own ass that came from Africa long long ago) couldn't have reached the Americas.

We're certainly a highly selective, but very fragile species. I look around and see plenty of animals that can stand bacteria that would kill me in a matter of days or weeks...
In case of a disaster caused by ourselves and our own stupidity, some smaller and more resistant species would survive us w/o a doubt.
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