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Question 2: How would the traffic from the hotel and residence tower be handled?

Developer Response: That is still being worked on. All would have garages with access to Wichita, Main, Southmore and Fannin. The hotel would have 2 points of access to mitigate congestion. A traffic study has not been done. There would be no entrances on San Jacinto or Fannin.

Question 3: Where would service entrances be located?

Developer Response: Service entrances would be on Wichita and Southmore streets.

Question 4: How many rooms will the hotel have?

Developer Response: That has not yet been decided but approximately 150. It is possible that the garages could be both above and below ground but below ground adds expense to the project.

Question 5: What will happen to Southmore Street which we consider a “boulevard entrance” to the neighborhood?

Developer Response: The project façade on Southmore will look good. A lane will be added to Southmore for the length of the development, a requirement of the City. The land for the lane will be taken from the development property.

Question 6: What are the plans for retail and how will parking be addressed?

Developer Response: We plan for the area to be a 24-7 active environment with a mixture of casual and high end restaurants, coffee bars etc. We are designing garages to handle retail parking which is regulated by City of Houston ordinance – for restaurants 8 parking spaces per 1,000 sq.ft. of gross floor area. We are working to avoid running out of parking!

Question 8: What is the timeline for the development?

Developer Response: A lot will depend on required City approvals and permits such as building permits, traffic studies, platting to make sure nothing is outside the property lines. The first construction would be the medical office building which would take about 8 months. The residential tower construction would begin within one year after completion of the medical office building and the projected date for beginning construction on the hotel is 2018

Question 10: Will the residential tower be condominium or rental and how many parking spaces will it have?

Developer Response: it is currently planned to be rental. The number of parking spaces depends on how many one, two, or three bedroom units there are. The tower will have more than 300 units.
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