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I do walks downtown on the weekends just to scope out different, lots for property surveys, utility markings, core drilling, etc. I do it once a week because that is a good indicator for me to judge the change. Sometimes I go twice a week to different areas.

I will say based on what I am seeing there are so many projects under the radar that could be happening, there may be another 20 or so projects we do not even know about yet and these are major projects.

I have caught wind of other big projects not downtown through other means at my disposal and all I can say is that if things continue as they are, we are in for a boom like we have never seen before. The surface has just been scratched.

As a mod on another site I try not to get hopes up too much but I know things I cant share and to say we may have 40 or 50 tower cranes up this time next year may be a gross under est, it could be in the 60's if all of these projects start and 2023 may even be bigger.

On my walks I end up finding signs of 2 o3 new projects a week if not more in the works, not counting what comes up through Metro Documents.

I am still waiting on the height on a 710 unit apartment building, not to mention projects I know that are coming from developers that have not made projects public yet. That list seems to grow as time goes on.

So all I can say is hold on to your horses. We may not get buildings over 750', but we will just get a bunch of buildings it seems.
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