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Nashville Named Number 1 Boomtown by PWC/ULI

PWC & ULI are the definitive gauge of boomtown status with their Emerging Trends for investing in markets in the USA. Nashville has been climbing up the list for the past five years, and now it is NUMBER 1. Tennessee as a whole is on fire too. The city has benefited the most of all cities from the changes that have come out of the pandemic with WFH, entertainment options and low taxation. Lots of factors have gone into Nashville's #1 ranking for 2022, and it looks like the momentum is just starting. The city has the most balanced economy in the nation and is the top draw for young college educated people. Also from the reports the metropolitan area is now over 2.05 million, and should exceed 2.1 million by the end of 2022. The last year saw an increase for the first time in excess of 40,000. To get the details, you need to be members of ULI to download the report. This is a brief overview from the Tennessean: From the report: Once considered a second-tier, 18-hour city, Nashville can now be called a Supernova – a metro area in the midst of "hypergrowth," the report states.

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