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Originally Posted by hauntedheadnc View Post
The quality of being Southern is almost universally defined by negative stereotypes. If that weren't the case you either wouldn't care if Miami is considered a part of the South, or at the very least you wouldn't work so hard to convince yourself and others that it isn't.
Maybe being Southern is a negative to you, but please do not define what is positive or negative for me.

I don't associate Southern culture with only negative things. I associate it with many things, including:

-History of Slavery
-Very warm, welcoming, friendly people
-Amazing Food
-Specific Architecture

So, if you are a self-loathing Southerner, that's 100% your right and prerogative. But your definitions, however skewed they might be, do not paint the picture of a whole ethnographic group. Pretty ridiculous and discriminatory.
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