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I agree! What is a city with out the main hospital!

Originally Posted by Drybrain View Post
Is fog a concern? Bayer's Lake is at a higher elevation, which I'd think would make it more susceptible to all but very low-lying fog. In any case, this is an outpatient centre, so I doubt a heli-pad is needed.

The current QEII is also near major highways--much nearer than its equivalents in other cities. Compare it to Toronto's hospital district or Montreal's General. Except during rush hour, you can get to the 102 within minutes. I think it's way more more important for the outpatient services to be easily accessible to vulnerable populations via transit and on foot (especially for those without easy vehicle access) than it is to cut off ten minutes of driving time for someone coming from Tantallon, just because that person has a hang-up about driving into the (very easy to drive in) city

As for location, the idea that Bayer's Lake somehow serves more people seems totally wrong. Taking the population on the peninsula and to points east, there are about 250,000 HRM residents who will find this location further away, not closer. if the government wants to build a clinic to more convenient to rural people, fine, but it shouldn't come at the expense of an urban clinic.

I would love the city to explain more of who this is more convenient for not is who live and work in the north/south/west end or down town!
I remember when the dmv moved to the hell hole (bayers lake) and everyone complained and still some time complain!

Also your removing a big reason why older folks move towards the down town to be easy to hospital and their appointments.
Bulid,Bulid,Bulid that's what I say!

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