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Thanks for the comments folks.

The smaller scale of buildings in Victoria has contributed to great walkable density. Unlike some larger cities there are few dead zones created by large parking garages for huge office buildings; height limits (as frustrating as that can be) at this point have resulted in gaps being filled. Moving forward it would be nice to see those height limits increased to 30 storeys outside the historic core, thus creating another layer of buildings to the skyline when viewed from the water. Ironically the most iconic buildings are the largest and if proposed today would never get off the ground despite being built when Victoria was a small city. And when the Big One hits - they will be destroyed. Do cities even build iconic structures anymore?

Metro-One, interesting observation - when I return to Victoria from elsewhere in Canada, even Vancouver, it does really feel different. The city has the confidence now to follow its own quirky path even if at times that is full of contradictions and somewhat isolated from the rest of Canada.
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