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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
Are Canadians flocking to QC?
In this respect, it's actually not comparable at all to the U.S. at all... In the U.S., the pool of people who could choose to move to any desirable city is basically the whole country; in Quebec, the entire pool is pretty much limited to Quebec (i.e. French Canada) and we already have Montreal that has good urban qualities and lots of historic architecture of its own (and more jobs and more HQs, etc.)

Imagine that you have only 8 million Americans in total, of which 4 million live in New Orleans metro, 1 million live in Charleston metro, and the rest live in smaller cities and in rural areas, while everyone has the same climate and everything's within a day's drive of each other.

In this context, do you think Charleston would have anywhere near the same appeal as it does now?
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