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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
I think Quebec City has a bigger/better core than Charleston, though. But I think it's a decent analogy, and no, I wouldn't really put it on a pedestal. Most of it looks like typical Canada.

Are Canadians flocking to QC? It's pretty hard to access from the U.S., with very few direct flights.
Depends what you call the core. The dense pre-WWII area of the city is sizable enough, but it's pretty ordinary by Northeastern standards (typical example below) and nothing special (unlike the actual old town which has somewhat urban stuff from the 1600s and 1700s).

Having plenty of neighborhoods of this is decent from an urban point of view but it's not going to make you a tourist magnet:!8i6656

I don't think many visitors fly but yeah, there are near-invasion-caliber volumes of NY/PA/NJ/New England license plates, almost year-round (but especially in the summer). And you hear English all the time in the touristy areas.
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