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Originally Posted by TonyL View Post
Lets all hope they resolved that combustible cladding issue before yet another one bursts into flames. That had to have been embarrassing for UAE to have that happen at least 2-3 different times for the same reason.
It's not just limited to Dubai! London (Grenfell Tower), Abu Dhabi, Jakarta, and Grozny. They all used sandwich board facade materials which consisted of an insulating foam which is flammable which is sandwiched between very thin layers of aluminum. There are 3 grades of the stuff and the towers that burned used the cheapest version with the thinnest aluminum coating. The manufacturer only recommends it to be used on applications of less than 4 or 5 stories. Thus a fire that would usually limited to the interior of one apartment broke the windows and went right up the side of the building, melting off the thin coating and causing the foam to burn. Better versions have a far thicker aluminum layer which stays in place for far longer.
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