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Update: Fixed some outdated image links for certain projects on the first page. Also added a little information to some that only had renderings. Lastly, edited to make it easier to distinguish certain projects keeping true with the format in the first post that I stated as unnecessary space was removed.

Lastly as a reminder, use Hypothalamus thread For High Rises for structures that are 13 stories or greater. This is for 1-12 stories. Most of the projects though on average appear to be 6-10 stories on average. NYC is has tons of these new developments that compromise a good portion of construction in the city. Brooklyn is on the forefront of mid rise construction followed by Queens. De Blasio's plan I predict will tenfold this hopefully as developments seem to appear daily.

Also, if anybody has an objection to the green, and dark majestic purple highlighting I tend use always let me know. I want people to learn about these developments, and if anybody has a hard time reading such fonts, feel free to ask for a change.

- Chris E.

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