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The housing market is starting to slip off the rails in Hamilton. In Halton Region just down the road things are a down right train wreck. Right now houses that are priced right are taking 2 -3 months to sell. I've been watching a few over priced houses in Ancaster and the Burbs that have been on the Market since Feb - March.

It will be a full blown buyers market by the time 2009 rolls around in my opinion. The real estate company analysts will tell you everything is sunshine and roses for 2009 but don't count on it. If you buy a house in 2009 it will be worth slightly less in 2010, by 2011 you might recoup your loses and by 2012 we'll be looking at a healthy housing market again... these are just my guesses of course, I'm not an expert, I just watch and observe things.
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