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Just curious. As I plan to buy a place there in '09. What's the housing market in Hamilton likely to do in '09?

In London UK, my property has lost a lovely £30k, almost $60k in the last 6 months thanks to the credit crunch, so I'm a bit upset about that! It means that when I sell next year, I won't be able to buy as nice a place as I was hoping to buy in Hamilton (assuming prices here haven't dropped further by then!). I've gone from having almost $200k to spend on a place to almost $140k

I have read a few reports that suggest that, thanks to economic conditions, Ontario's housing market will be flat in '09. Will this be true in Hamilton? Or do you think prices will continue to rise in '09?

Are there any sites/sources that people know of which have Hamilton House Price predictions for '09 and beyond? Are there any maps/charts which show the areas which have the most expensive properties in the city and the highest/lowest predicted price rises?
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