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Originally Posted by edluva View Post
oh, i didn't even notice that. just icing on the cake. come to think of it, beverly hills and mission viejo architecture does literally look like the icing on cakes. very sophisticated stuff...i'd say a step above the orsini, even. but no surprise. we are, after all, a "world class city".
So are you complaining (or being saracastic) about the aesthetics or the lack of investment? Or since its Bev Hills, are you unhappy about too much investment?

Originally Posted by edluva View Post
That discussion lies completely seperate from my statement regarding citywatch's complaints of central-LA's aesthetics, in which I make the case that what he's really complaining about is lack of investment in the city-core...and not due to fucking telephone poles, or whatever other tired theory he keeps on bringing up.
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