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I do go through life with a relatively collegial attitude--I'm not advocating we all go through life like it's Animal House--but I also expect people to be able to handle my ribbing. If adam is mature enough to participate in this Forum, I suspect he's mature enough not to run away crying if I ride him for his comments. Frankly speaking, suggesting you've never heard of head-on collisions is ridiculous--and thus was worthy of my ridicule. The MTO is spending millions of dollars to install the TallWall system on several 400-series highways because of years of people dying due to crossover accidents. I'm all for civility--you're preaching to the converted on that issue--again, when talking about highway safety, fatalities, injuries and insurance costs--I'm not certain how "civil" it is to mock it by comparing it to tunneling to prevent being hit by airplanes.

Heck, you people are always telling me to lighten up. Find a mirror.
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