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Bed Stuy’s Space-Age Apartment Building Takes Shape on Dekalb

The Bed Stuy building with a futuristic porthole and center atrium is three stories high so far at 785 Dekalb Avenue. The domed apartment development will have 70 units, 36 bike parking spots and 35 subterranean parking spots, as we reported in April.

In case you’ve forgotten, the building’s crazy design looks a bit like a space-age city hall for sea monkeys where the miniskirted creatures might cavort in its slanted portholes and on its angled balconies. We can already see the rounded part of the facade and a cutout for the atrium.

Note: Rendering of the final Design. Excuse the graffiti/writing. Some people are just jealous, low IQ a-holes. "Yuppie Boxes" .

We were biking down Dekalb Avenue between Tompkins and Throop yesterday when we spotted this space-age rendering for a long-planned development at 785 Dekalb. Besides asymmetrical portholes and a glass dome, the six-story building will have 70 units spread across 52,429 feet of residential space, according to new building permits.

Amenities include 36 bike parking spots, 35 cellar-level parking spaces, laundry and a roof deck. Apparently there will also be a large atrium in the center of the building, shown on both the Schedule A filings and the rendering. Behind the fence, it looked like the first floor was being constructed.
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